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How long after I sign up will my account be set up?

Your account will be setup within 4h of you placing your order. We do not do automatic account activations because this leaves room for fraudsters to easily create accounts and have access to the server. Once the account has been activated, we'll email you all the necessary account access details and usage instructions.

Is there a minimum term contract?

Minimum period is 1 month. You can cancel your account at any time after that (there is no 30 day cancellation policy). We also have 30 day refund policy on all our plans (not applicable on the dedicated servers).

Which currency are your prices in?

Prices displayed on the website are in USD.

What payment options do I have?

You can make a payment by Credit card (Visa, MasterCard), Paypal and Western Union. For Western Union payments you’ll need to select CC as payment method and write 11111 in the credit card fields. As soon as we’ve received your order form, we’ll forward you our Western Union details, so you can make a payment.

Payment frequency/period?

You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly(every 3 months) or yearly. You can always change your billing cycle at a later date.

Do you give discounts for yearly payments?

Yes, you will receive 20% discount for paying for a full year. 5% discount is applied to quarterly payments. If you pay yearly (-20%) and have 5+ accounts with us (further 20% saving), you will substantially reduce your hosting costs.

If I select monthly payments when I order, can I later pay yearly and still get a discount?

Yes! Even if you initially select monthly cycle, you can switch to yearly at any time and take advantage of the 20% discount. We actually encourage new clients to sign up monthly and once they’ve tested their apps and are happy and confident with the service, then pay for a year ahead and pocket the savings.

Do you accept international orders?

Absolutely. We welcome clients from all over the world. We have clients from pretty much every country in the world.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy

You can request a full refund within the first 30 days (excludes dedicated servers) and you will receive your money back in full (including any transaction fees we paid in the process), no questions asked.

If I host multiple accounts with you, can I get a discount ?

Yes. We offer multiple account discounts depending on the number of accounts you host. 3-4 accounts gives you 15% discount, 5-9 accounts gives you 20% discount and 10+ accounts gives you 25% off the regular price.

If I want to order additional accounts, do I have to fill out the order form all over again?

No. You just need to email us the following information i) domain name, ii) plan, iii) OS preference

Do I need to contact you each month to make a payment?

No. Once you sign up, the subscription is set up and payments are automatically deducted from either your nominated credit card or Paypal account. If any of your future payments fail, our system will automatically send you the notification with payment instructions.

My credit card keeps getting declined, what do I do?

If all your credit cards keep getting declined, we can change your payment method to Paypal. Simply contact our billing team requesting they change your method to Paypal and we will then email you subscription setup form so we can reinstate your payments.

How can I update or change my credit card information?

Just fill out the credit card update form and we’ll take care of the rest.

How can I get invoices for my previous transactions?

Submit the ticket through our ticket system and we’ll email you the requested invoices.

Renewing domain

If you registered your domain name through us, you will receive the domain renewal notification reminding you to renew your domain 30 days before expiration. Your domain will NOT be automatically renewed. You will need to follow instructions for renewal. It’s advisable to do this as soon as you receive this notice to ensure you don’t forget later.

Switching from Shared setup to VPS or Dedicated and vice versa

Send a support ticket requesting NEW account to be setup and include i)domain name, ii)plan of choice and iii)OS in case you’re moving to VPS. We will then setup your new account and email you all the access details. Your old account will remain ACTIVE until you’ve tested everything and are ready to migrate. Once the transfer is complete, please email us so we can disable the old account. NOTE: After you’ve notified us, your old account will be disabled but not deleted (so if you need data, it’ll be available for next few weeks). Should you need any help transferring your apps, our team will assist you in that process too, you ask. As for the payments, we will automatically adjust this upon setup of your new plan, and if we required additional information, we will contact you.

Upgrading / downgrading / adding / removing features within the same setup

If you wish to upgrade/downgrade your account or add services like extra RAM, disc etc, simply open a support ticket. If you’re keeping the existing setup (ie. you’re not swapping from shared to VPS or dedicated) then we will add the requested services and email you when it’s done. You will NOT experience any downtime during this process.

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