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Deploying and managing applications using Glassfish Adminsitration Console is easy.

Open the administration console in your browser and navigate to Application settings area by clicking on the link on the left side menu.

This is where new applications are deployed, existing ones can be undeployed and applications can be enabled or disabled as needed.

To deploy a new application click on Deploy... button.

Choosing the location of the application

There is a form that enables you to select the type of the application and its location. There is an option of deploying an application from your own computer or from somewhere on the server:

Packaged File to Be Uploaded to the Server
The archive is in a file that resides on or is accessible from the client machine.
The client machine is the host on which you are viewing the Administration Console through a browser.
Local Packaged File or Directory That Is Accessible From the GlassFish Server
The archive is a file that resides on the server machine, or is an unpackaged application in an exploded directory.
The server machine is the host that is running the GlassFish Server domain administration server.

Application types

  • Web Application
  • Enterprise Application
  • Application Client
  • Connector Module
  • EJB Jar
  • Other

Additional options

Depending on the type of the application, there are various additional options where you can choose the target server, context root, application name and other settings.

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