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GlassFish employes a concept of domains. A domain is comprised of a set of Instances. In essence each domain behaves like a separate server.

Each GlassFish domain has an administrator login details assigned to it and comes with it's own predeployed applications to facilitate management. It is a separated space within it's own boundry and you can create as many domains as you like.

Running domain can be used as a target for application deployment.

Creating new domain

To create a new GlassFish domain use the following command after you've logged on to your VPS via SSH.

asadmin> create-domain --adminport 5006 --profile developer --user admin domain3
Please enter the admin password>
Please enter the admin password again>
Please enter the master password [Enter to accept the default]:>
Please enter the master password again [Enter to accept the default]:>

Substitute port, profile, user and domain name with your desired values.

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