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Pebble installation uses Tomcat 5 container and you need to drop the .war file from the deployment directory you downloaded from the Pebble website. Please follow the steps bellow to install Pebble successfully on your Linux hosting.

Install Tomcat 5

To install Tomcat 5, issue a yum installation command. Before you install Tomcat 5, consider Tomcat hosting options.

	yum -y install eroute-tomcat5

Download Pebble distribution and deploy it

Go to Pebble website and download the zip containing the distribution. Unzip it and you will find pebble.war file which you will copy to /var/tomcat5/webapps/ directory. After you are done with that, you need to start the Tomcat 5 server with the following command:

	service tomcat5 start
	service httpd start

Visit the url http://yourip/pebble and login using the username username and password.

Enabling email notifications

To enable email notification uncomment the javamail reference at the the bottom of the Pebble web.xml file and restart your Tomcat with

	service tomcat5 restart

The library mail.jar is included with our customized JRE. In case you are doing the installation on the other web hosting account, you should drop mail.jar in tomcat's library as well.

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