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Resin is a standalone web server. In order to run it, you will need JDK installed. For the installation, you need to download the latest Resin server and compile it for the installation. will soon be providing rpm package for Resin, so the installation will really be all in the one command line.

Installing the JDK

Resin can run on any JDK, but it's recommended that you use the latest java 6. We will install latest jdk with the yum command.

  yum -y install eroute-java6

Installing Resin

Visit the Resin website and download the latest Resin distribution source. After downloading, decompress it and issue compilation commands.

  tar zxvf resin-3.0.0.tar.gz
  cd resin-3.0.0
  make ; make install

Starting and deploying Resin

To start Resin, you need to execute the script in the bin folder.


The Resin is available at http://yourip:8080/ You may want to start the Apache web server that is automatically configured to forward connections from port 80 to 8080 to avoid the port in your url.

  service httpd start

Place the JSP files in the doc/ folder and .war files in the webapps/ folder. These will be available at http://yourip/test.jsp and http://yourip/test respectively. Resin hosting should be a thing to consider.

For any problems with the installation, submit a ticket to our support team, to help you resolve them 24/7.

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