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How support works ?

We have 24/7 technical support with real engineers covering every shift. We currently only offer e-mail support and ticket system, based on the queue and priority sorting. Urgent tickets are addressed within an hour, and non-urgent ones within upmost 4 hours.

Before contacting support, ...

If your VPS is down, login via control panel and try to reboot it, give it a minute or two wait, and then try to login via SSH to your VPS server.

If your Tomcat or other application is down, you should login and try to restart it with the commands described in respected application tutorials.

If this fails, Login to the Customer Dashboard customer dashboard and submit a ticket. We will address the issue ASAP.

It's very important that you try a couple of things before contacting support.

-You will benefit from fixing a problem immediately and by yourself, meaning that you have full control under your VPS hosting environment.

-We will be able to address larger issues more promptly and more efficiently for all customers, rather than extend our resources to simple inquiries such as 'please reboot my VPS'.

Thank you for your understanding ;)

How to contact support ?

You may contact support by submitting a ticket through the Customer Dashboard. When you login with your username and password, you just need to click on the 'Submit ticket' link and fill out the data. You also can setup a ticket priority, from low to extreme.

Extreme tickets trigger alerts to our engineers, and those tickets are addressed within shortest timeframe possible. In some instances, you can expect an update within 15 minutes of submitting your urgent inquiry. However, please don't abuse this option, as we try hard to give the best possible support to all our customers ;)

Alternatively, you may send an email directly to the ticket system describing your inquiry on 'hosting (at)'

What to write in the ticket ?

To assist with resolving your issue quickly, please always include your VPS IP and/or your domain name. Also, describe your problem with as much details as possible.

For example, always include information such as when problem started happening, how did you try to fix it, if you did something that triggered the problem, and so on ... Also, if you're facing spam problems, always send us examples of your SPAM emails, so we can analyze them.

Ticket safety

You don't need to send your root password to the server, and we will never ask you for it. We may ask you, if we can change your root password to do tests such as login etc. In that case, we will immediately e-mail you your new temporary password, which you will change upon receiving.

All information submitted through the ticket system is confidential and will not be disclosed to the third parties, unless dealing with legal authorities.

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