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Depending on which Tomcat version you installed, configuration files can be one in /var/tomcatX where X represents the version number.

You will find the server.xml file in /var/tomcatX/conf/.

You can configure various JVM options inside /var/tomcatX/bin/

Java heap size

You can adjust Java heap size by changing JAVA_OPTS in file which is used to start the Tomcat service.

Be sure to include the m after the value.

This option specifies the minimum heap size, it should be kept small
Default value: 16m
This option specifies the maximum heap size, it should be large enough to support your application needs
This is the amount of memory that is permanently allocated to tomcat for stuff that doesn't change often such as Java classes
Default value: 64m

Have in mind the amount of memory available to your VPS as the total amount of memory used by Tomcat will be MaxPermSize + Xmx

>> configuring tomcat virtual hosts

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