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Deployment is the term used for the process of installing a web application (either a 3rd party WAR or your own custom web application) into the Tomcat server.

Web application deployment may be accomplished in a number of ways within the Tomcat server.

  • Statically; the web application is setup before Tomcat is started
  • Dynamically; in conjunction with the Tomcat Manager web application or manipulating already deployed web applications

The Tomcat Manager is a tool that allows URL-based web application deployment features. There is also a tool called the Client Deployer, which is a command shell based script that interacts with the Tomcat Manager but provides additional functionality such as compiling and validating web applications as well as packaging web application into web application resource (WAR) files.

Deploying on startup

The location you deploy web applications to for this type of deployment is called the appBase which is specified per Host. You either copy non-compressed web application, to this location, or a compressed web application resource .WAR file. Host attribute deployOnStartup needs to be set to true before the application will be deployed on Tomcat startup.

Deployment order is as follows:

  • If there are any context descriptors they will be deployed first
  • Unpacked applications not referenced by any context will be deployed, if there's a newer .WAR file present unpacked web application will be removed and replaced
  • .WAR files

Deploying on running server

If Hosts' autoDeploy attribute is set to true, Tomcat will try to deploy applications dropped into appBase on the fly. These can either be compressed .WAR files or non-compressed web applications.

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