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Overall preview

Provides virtual domain management application, as other managers like Plesk or cPanel. As it's part of larger project, VirtualMin is offered as WebMin's module. Offers crating of virtual domains, with Apache configuration, MySql databases within, BIND service required and support for email services for all managed virtual domains. Since it's WebMin module, it integrates with all modules existing within WebMin, thus provides control and management over services existing at host where virtual domains are configured. It creates user, virtual server administrators, for each virtual domain defined within, restricting access to files and services of assigned virtual domain. VirtualMin comes under two separate licenses, GPL and PRO.
While Pro is commercial one, GPL comes as fully free release. Although both releases were developed from same code base, GPL is fully operational but does not contain all features as Pro does.
VirtualMin required fresh system, without WebMin running on it as it'll provide WebMin within it's own installation.


Installation packages are available for all Linux distributions over package installers, but if not there are source from which VirtualMin can be built and installed.
Also, VirtualMin has it's own installer available for download from it's official pages. Once downloaded at destination system it's permissions has to be set to executable ones and executed from host's shell prompt.
As installation fetches all files via network, host has to online. This installation takes about 30 mins.
Once done VirtualMin has to be started and will be available through web browser at port 10000 of hosts where it's installed.
Any update of current or notification of new release will be displayed on main page of VirtualMin.

Main page

When accessed at port 10000, initial web page appears, offering basic, fresh configuration depending on hosts' role, plain web site, database or email services. Configuration process offers ram utilization over CPU which is recommended and will provide smooth, better overall performances of entire VirtualMin application. A virus checker ClamAV, along with spam checker, SpamAssassin, for incoming emails will be offered, also to run in ram, also recommended due to better email services performances. Databases will be offered to run within ram, also for better overall performances. At the end, database admin password entry is prompted. The main domain, for virtual domains has to be defined, although it can be skipped due to resolvability, and defined later. Due to security reasons offered, plain text password should be avoided and hashed passwords used instead. Any missed or not configured details can be configured later at Features and Plugins section. After installation process, main web page will appear with basic information, regarding disk space, ram usage, OS version and CPU utilization, of host where VirtualMin is instaled.

Creating new virtual domain and services within

On the left side of main page, at main menu use, link Create Virtual Server.
Procedure is pretty straight-forward and takes few minutes to finish.
Domain name and Administrator password are required although other fields are not, but can be set for optimal virtual domain operation.
New virtual server can be define as new, standalone server, sub-server of existing virtual server or as an alias to existing virtual server.

Once new virtual server created new sub-sections will appears on the left side. From subsections option, creating new or managing existing services like email, databases, can be achieved. Installation of predefined scripts for services addons like phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, RoundCube] or SquirrelMail webmail clients, are available from these subsections. If website files are uploaded to their destination web root folders, a preview option is also available.

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