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Below is a guide on how to install WaveMaker.

To have WaveMaker installed by Oxxus.net, wavemaker VPS hosting is a good place to start.

Installation of WaveMaker

1. Go to wavemaker download site and select deb or rpm package depending on wether you have Debian/Ubuntu or Centos/Fedora OS with us. 2. Login to your server's root account 3. Copy url from the website to your clipboard 4. Install WaveMaker with the following command (for example):

rpm -ivh http://wavemaker.cachefly.net/wavemaker-community-6.2.5GA-0.i386.rpm

WaveMaker is now installed in /opt directory

5. Go there with cd /opt/wavemaker* 6. Edit bin/wavemaker.sh and change Xms/Xmx values if you don't have enough RAM. For example, on our Starter VPS optimal values would be 128 for Xms 256 for Xmx and 128 for XMaxPerm 7. You can now start WaveMaker with

bin/wavemaker  2>&1 >/dev/null &

To start if after each reboot, edit /etc/rc.local and put the full path to wavemaker.sh, for example:

/opt/wavemaker-community-6.2.5GA/bin/wavemaker.sh 2>&1 >/dev/null &

Configure apache to run with WaveMaker

If you want apache to redirect from port 80 to 8094 (which is default WaveMaker binding port) edit /etc/httpd/conf.d/java.conf and change port 8080 to 8084 Restart apache web server with:

service httpd restart
apachectl restart # if you are on Debian/Ubuntu

The url now should be like http://yourip/wavemaker/

If you want to get rid of /wavemaker, edit java.conf and add /wavemaker to redirect urls. Something like

Everything should be working like a charm!

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