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JForum is yet another application that's driven by the Tomcat servlet container. All that is needed is a database running, tomcat installed and JForum package to be downloaded. The rest of the process is pretty much like the installation of any forum. Step by step is below.

Preparing and installing needed packages

MySQL and Tomcat need to be installed and JForum downloaded. You need to find the url to latest zip on JForum download page. Now save that url somewhere and execute following commands. All of these actions are performed on the Linux server. VPS solutions and java hosting service are out specialty.

  yum -y install eroute-tomcat6 mysql-server
  cd /tmp
  wget [the url you copied]
  cd /var/tomcat6/webapps/
  unzip /tmp/jforum.zip # replace this with JForum version you have downloaded

Starting and configuring services

All the services that are required for Tomcat to function need to be started. MySQL password also needs to be specified to be able to use it later for JForum

  service mysqld start
  mysqladmin -u root password [password] # replace [password] with your mysql root password
  service tomcat6 start
  service httpd start

Configuring JForum from the web

The last step is to go to your newly deployed JForum and configure it. Tomcat has automatically deployed the files and they are all available on the web. Go to http://yourip/jforum/install.jsp and follow the instructions. You will need to provide the credentials for the MySql that you have created in the previous step and provide some basic information about your forum.

That should be all that is needed. Should you experience any other issues, submit a ticket to our support team, to help you resolve it.

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