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The provided manual is compatible with our hosting systems, and may not be possible to reproduce the manual on other systems due to lack of some packages that are pre-made by us. OpenGTS hosting and Java hosting options are available on competitive terms.

The needed components of this installation is to install Tomcat 6,ant and MySQL. After OpenGTS is built, installation will be initiated installation and db initialized.


Installing needed components and downloading OpenGTS

You will need to install all needed rpm packages with the following command

  yum -y install eroute-tomcat6 ant

After installation, go to the OpenGTS website and download the zip file in /tmp directory using wget tool. It works like wget [url to the zip file]. You will now need to change the directory to the /usr/local and unzip OpenGTS there.

 unzip /tmp/
 export GTS_HOME=/usr/local/OpenGTS_2.3.7
 export CATALINA_HOME=/var/tomcat6

Next step is to build OpenGTS. This may take few minutes, and some warnings messages may appear which you should ignore.

 ant all

Setting up the database

to set up the database, MySql needs to be started at this point and a password needs to be set up. After that, database will be initiated.

  service mysqld start
  mysqladmin -u root password [your root pass]
  cd $GTS_HOME
  bin/ -rootUser=root -rootPass=<your password>

Deploying track.war to Tomcat

Last step remaining is to create a sysadmin user and deploy track.war to the tomcat server.

  cd $GTS_HOME
  bin/ Account -account=sysadmin -pass=password -create ### create a sysadmin account
  ant track
  cp build/track.war $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/.
  service tomcat6 start
  service httpd start


On http://yourip/track/Track you should be able to see the track servlet. The similar process is done as well for event.war to deploy it to the Tomcat. Note that you should load some sample data. If you encounter any problems during installation, feel free to contact our support team. These most basic steps will get OpenGTS up and running, but you should refer to documentation for further configuration and fine tuning to meet your requirements.

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