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Logging in your VPS server: SSH Access

Putty client page
Putty client interface.

To login to your VPS server, you will need an SSH client. We recommend Putty - Download Putty here

Inside the Putty, you'll find: 'Hostname or IP address' and here input the IP address you received in your activation email. By clicking "open", you will be asked for a username, which is 'root' and password is the one you have in the activation email.

If all goes well, you will see the console where you can type Linux commands. If you are not familiar with Linux, try something basic like:

w - will show who is logged in to the system
date - will show you date set on the system

Should you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support using your VPS control panel interface (see below)

VPS Control Panel interface

VPS Control Panel is the center for controlling your VPS vital functions and submitting tickets to the support. The VPS control panel is integrated into our customer dashboard.

You'll need to use your e-mail address associated with the account and password to login. If you are accessing the dashboard for the first time you can recover the password using password recovery form on the same page.

Most useful feature is the 'Instant server REBOOT feature' that you can use to reboot your own VPS at any time.

If you have any trouble at all, regarding any problem, you may use 'Submit ticket' option. There is also a priority level, so in urgent situations, you may label your request as Extreme. Our support technician will be notified immediately and will start resolving your request ASAP. It will be addressed within an hour at most. Please ve considerate and use this feature only for urgent requests as we will drop everything to attend to it asap.

Transferring files to the VPS server

Since FTP transfer authentication is insecure as it uses plain username/password authentication, we recommend that you use WinSCP to transfer your files to the server. Visit WinSCP download page to get the latest version. The same port, IP address, username and password are used, as with Putty. Transfers are encrypted and authentication is secured. You may transfer your sql dumps and war files directly to the server's /root directory.

Technical support

In the order form our customers can specify the installation requirements via 'a la carte' configuration. With the activation of the VPS, we will install all the required and necessary software. However, if you need to add something or have a question or concern, you can always contact us via online form at or via e-mail at

During the initial setup you can request a Skype conference call with one of our engineers, to shorten the setup process and make sure everything is up and running smoothly.

Read more about how support at Oxxus works

Some notes to remember

Please make sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

IMPORTANT: *** WP-EROUTE.NET Hosting *** will appear on your credit card / bank statment Your CC will be billed upon verification of your billing information

Keep your VPS secured ! Choose secure passwords, (9 characters minimum) to make sure chosen passwords are secure enough to prevent intrusion. Weak/Insecure password samples which guaranties you that your server will get hacked:

Example of weak passwords:

User: test - Password: test
User: test - Password: test123
User: mark - Password: mark

Example of strong passwords:

User: test  /  Password: nJh3d5Tg!h9
User: mark  /  Password: Vgk4jEg*eE8

Important policies to remember:

Sending SPAM emails from our servers is FORBIDDEN and may cause termination of your service without refund.

Using of copyrighted materials and it's distribution is forbidden and will cause warning and request for removal.

Any illegal material hosted on the server will cause termination of the service without warning.

Reselling, Redistributing or Renting server space is FORBIDDEN!

Installation manuals and tutorials

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