The Dream Team

Real people behind you every step of the way

Engineers, Linux admins, programmers, web developers and designers, business and marketing people make up Dream Team.

Every time you contact us, you will be in touch with one of these guys or gals and not forwarded to an outsorced 3rd party help desk.

Natasha P.
Business Development and Marketing Manager

Natasha P.

Expertise: Natasha holds a PostGrad Dip in Business and Marketing as well as Diploma in Multimedia. She's a co-founder of

Her duties around here: Natasha's responsibilities are on a more strategic level. Her job is to manage the direction of the organization, ensuring we maintain our competitive advantage and to manage steady growth. She also manages most marketing and promotional activities.

Hobbies: Basket (big fan of NZ Breakers GO Breakers!!), social media, Discovery Channel and various other creative sports (painting, photography, languages)

With us since: The start in 2003

Boris M.
Big Giant Head Admin

Boris M.

Expertise: He's a computer genius and there is no problem he can't resolve!
Boris is a co-founder of (Pop Media Ltd). Boris has worked with and has knowledge of 11 operating systems. He's been working with computers since he was 14yo. At high school he was discharged from computer classes as he had already surpassed the skill level of his own teachers!

His duties around here: His job title says it all: 'big giant head admin'. He ovesees all tech developments, servers, system upgrades, product development, security issues. He also occasionally acts as a senior tech support person to offer a hand with the most complex customer' issues noone else is able to resolve.

Hobbies: Soccer, tennis (newly discovered passion) chess, basketball, Playstation (FIFA-soccer exclusively)

With us since: The start in 2003

Mark J.
Customer Service and Operations Manager

Mark J.


Mark joined Oxxus in August 2006. Mark is a Software Engineer with 8+years of system administration as well as MySQL/PHP programming experience. Early on Mark displayed an outstanding flair for working with people and ability to empathise with their needs. So, even though he was originially employed to work as the support technician we soon promoted him to a Service Management role. We believe that it's important to play to people's strength so when we discover a talent we empower it.

His duties around here: Mark's job is to ensure that customers are happy, staff are happy and that the operations are running smoothly. He's a people pleaser, if you ask him nicely there's not much he won't do for you :)

Hobbies: reading, psychology, chess

With us since: August 2006

Dean K.
Senior System Admin - Support Rep

Dean K.

Expertise: Dean has 11+ years of server administration experience. Before comming on board Dean worked for various ISP's as well as providing IT support for Corporations. Dean has worked with Java hosting since we started offering it in 2003 and there's not many issues that he hasn't come across. He is extremely focused, thorough and most importantly he gets the job done!

His duties around here: He handles senior tech support issues as well supporting with the implementation of new technologies, new features, system maintenance.

Hobbies: Dean became a Dad last year (and is about to become dad once again:) so most his spare time at the moment is spent with kids.

With us since: September 2003

Igor M.
Customer Support Rep

Eddy K.

Expertise: Igor holds the bachelor of computer sciences degree and has been working in the hosting industry since 2004. He joined 1year ago. He has all the attributes of a great support tech: he's very hard working (very thorough and detailed) and truly dedicated to helping customers solve their problems.
P.S. he thrives on testimonials after a job well done so don't be shy to send him one:) You'll most likely come into contact with Igor quite a bit as he's our front line man.

His duties around here: Help customers resolve any problems they encounter.


With us since: March 2006

Danny P.
Operations and Staff Manager

Danny P.

Expertise: Danny holds an industrial management degree. He was a professional basketball player up until last year when a horrific fall left him disabled. Not being able to continue his basketball career he changed his focus to computer based work. Management qualifications came in handy and he got a job managing our billing system. He proved to be very competent so we expanded his responsibilities to include project management, staff and promotions. Good on ya Danny!

His duties around here: management of projects, staff and promotions

Hobbies: basketball

With us since: July 2005

Dejana P.
Office admin

Dejana P.

Expertise: Business Administration and Bookeeping

His duties around here: Dejana is responsible for taking care of general admin duties. She also helps out with some of the billing and generally making sure administrative side of things runs smoothly.

Hobbies: Dejana is a tennis champ. She's won numerous tropheys during her teenage years. Now she just plays for fun (but still manages to trash us all completely).

With us since: July 2006

Beagle puppy mascot


Expertise: He's great at eating, playing and chewing everything is sight (don't worry we don't let him go near the cables)

His duties around here: He hangs around the office often and his main job is to keep the moral high and keep us smiling :)

Hobbies: Weeeeeell, he's a great entertainer, he's so adorable, playfull (hyperactive would better describe it) and absolutely adores people.

With us since: Loyal member of the team since birth (March 2006).

The Oxxus team has real humans that are technically qualified, ready and willing to assist you 24/7/365!

Should you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us.

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