Top of the line servers specially selected to handle high resource needs of Java apps.

Java applications require a lot of RAM and quickly use up the available resources and thus not many companies want to host J2EE. In order to deliver reliable and stable performance for all our customers, servers we deploy are top of the line with the latest generation of processors, optimized and tested to work on J2EE platform.

All servers are powered by Intel processors with RAID 10 array for data protection and redundant power to prevent hardware failure and service interruption.

Currently we are populating the server with the following specs:

  • Dell server
  • Intel Dual Westmere E5620
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 4 x 1 TB harddrives
  • RAID 10

Disaster Prevention

  • All servers are protected by redundant power supply. If power goes off at one power plant, generator automatically switches to another source and thus we avoid downtime caused by power failures.
  • Hard disk failures are prevented by hardware raid 1+0 with mirror in strip set (4 hard drives). They are replaced by hotswap in case of failure so there is no service interruption.

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