Java Clusters

Failover and Load Balancing now available with Oxxus Clusters

Oxxus has worked hard to provide enterprise companies, big web sites and customers who want to improve performance of their website with latest technology clustering solutions.

We have made multiple tests of performances of different cluster configurations to deliver state-of-the-art failover and load balancing services for your website. This whole solution is available at the price of a couple of VPS servers which stand behind your company's website or a portal.

The technology behind it ...

The technology itself is quite similar to what we call today cloud services, but more powerful, as we do the clustering at the level of the web service, which in this case is your Tomcat or Jboss server. VPS virtualizes and slice our powerful hardware nodes. The nodes of your cluster resides on a physically different server and add to the high availability of your web service. Your tomcats are linked locally through the Gbit switch.

By default, we use 3 VPS servers to make the cluster infrastructure. You can choose between different configurations, like horizontal clustering that adds to your load balancing ratio or vertical clustering that will provide failover of the service as well. In case of the latter, we are providing you with a failover IP which will be moved to a second Apache-Tomcat pair in case the first fails. That's one example of the most basic configuration.

We don't virtualize and cluster only Tomcat. MySQL database can also be balanced and split into different entities on different servers depending on the estimated writes and reads that your application performs.

Horizontal Java Clustering

Vertical Java Clustering

How to order clustering solution?

Since the service itself highly depends on what you need, we don't sell clusters directly from our page, but encourage you to contact us, so our engineers can discuss your needs and design the right solution for your web service. The average price of the solution varies on how many VPS servers will be included in the cluster and which plans would they be on. These figures will be estimated between you and our engineers. Cluster solution setup is FREE, we charge only the VPS servers that they run at.

Please contact us through the online form, and our engineers will contact you.

Contact us If you have specific needs or need different kind of solution on your VPS, please contact us and tell us about it or leave your phone number for our representative to call you.

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