Fast Forward Your App’s Digital Marketing using Google AdWords

You built a perfect app but now its time to tell the world about it!

We have partnered up with Fast Forward – Digital Agency in NZ to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and developers launch and market their products via Google.

How Google AdWords Works

Google AdWords is the quickest way to make your way to the first page of Google’ results. The initial investment is small (you can start with just $15day) and keep increasing your spend as you go. You will only pay when someone who is interested in your ad clicks on it and visits your website. This is known as PPC or pay-per-click.

Alternative is to use SEO (Search engine optimization) but this is a more lengthy route to establishing your presence in Google.

What can getting found on Google do for your app?

Having an Ad in Google will let your customers find your new app when they search for a problem they face, which your app solves. It will put you in front of prospects that are proactively searching for solutions.

If you are a developer with no marketing expertise then getting a Google AdWords expert to build your AdWords campaign is the best decision for faster growth.

Free AdWords Offer

Fast Forward Offers Free Google AdWords Campaign Setup & $0 Management Fees for the first 2months - For All Java Devs Who Host Their Apps With Oxxus!

You will only pay Google for advertising costs but $0 for management and $0 for professional setup.

NOTE: Campaigns with ad spend >$1000/mo require a lot of work. That’s why we can’t offer those with $0 setup fee but will shave 50% off the total bill.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

The only consideration is that FastForward can only work with up to 3 new special-offer clients each month. In case more than 3 developers are signed up in the current month you will need to wait a little bit before we commence work.

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