Multiple Account Discounts for Resellers and VIPs

Register as a Reseller or a VIP to receive volume discounts when you host just 3+ accounts with Oxxus

Whether you wish to save money on your hosting by having it all in one place or whether you wish to make money by referring friends/clients you will receive great volume discounts - see the discount table below

VIP Program Discount/Commission Table

3-4 Accounts
3 - 4 Accounts
15% off
5-9 Accounts
5 - 9 Accounts
20% off
10+ Accounts
10+ Accounts
30% off

Commision / Discount Calculator

You refer 3 clients (or buy 3 accounts yourself) and they all use developer (middle) VPS plan. Total payable would be $36.95 x 3 and your commission would end up being $16.65/mo (or one free Starter VPS account). You refer 5 and you got yourself a free developer vps plan for not really doing much at all.


Register as a VIP developer by emailing our support team. They will then provide you with your own VIP ID. After a customer you refered makes a purchase simply email us to add his domain to your VIP ID so you can start earning commissions. You do not need to wait for 3 customers to buy before you register but your paouts will start as soon as you've got total of 3 accounts attached to your VIP ID. If you wish to get free stuff instead of commission (like upgrades or accounts to the value of your commission) just let us know and we'll set that up for you.

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