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Drupal software

DrupalWe have designed our VPS environment to meet all necessary dependencies that Drupal CMS would need. Careful study and use of the software had lead to a perfect environment for your web portal. From small to huge portals, we can support your business at any time.

Why host your Drupal site with us?

  • We have engineers who are experienced PHP developers and Linux specialists. We are there to help you with any Drupal issue you have
  • You will not be hosted on a shared server. You would rather have a dedicated VPS environment with a dedicated ip address. You have guaranteed CPU/memory share that is not depended on other customers
  • We have great gold GBIT network, fully redundant. It ensures your online presence and uptime!
  • Completely free installation or transfer of your Drupal portal
  • Fantastic 24/7 customer support

Starter VPS package

RAM 1024 MB
Disk space 10 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB
IPs 1 dedicated
$19.95 USD/month
(20% discount on yearly payments)

How do you get started?

  • Make an order for Starter VPS package
  • After ordering, you will contact us and explain that you want free setup or transfer of your site
  • We will contact you back and finish everything for you within a few hours

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We will support your business with the server part, both hardware and software, allowing you more time to work on improving and expanding your business.

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