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Invision Board software

Invision Power BoardThe installation of Invision Board is absolutely free. You will get a dedicated ip address and our team will assist you with a setup. If you already have a site, we will help you transfer it to our platform.

Your InvisionBoard forum is hosted on fast and reliable servers with 99.7% uptime history. Complete around the clock tech support is also included.

Why host Invision Board with us?

  • You are alone on the VPS, so you don't have to worry about someone getting to your site after other site on the server is hacked
  • You have a dedicated ip address, which is great for google optimization
  • Free installation of the software
  • Fantastic support 24/7
  • Easy setup and free transfer of your existing site to our server

Starter VPS package

RAM 1024 MB
Disk space 10 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB
IPs 1 dedicated
$19.95 USD/month
(20% discount on yearly payments)

How do you get started?

  • Make an order for Starter VPS package
  • After ordering, you will contact us and explain that you want free setup or transfer of your site
  • We will contact you back and finish everything for you within a few hours

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We will support your business with the server part, both hardware and software, allowing you more time to work on improving and expanding your business.

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