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PHP service

PHPIf you have a php application that you want to host, and you want reliable non-shared service with full access to your server's configuration and php.ini file you are looking at the right offer !

We are providing a very different offer from other hosting companies. The difference is that you are hosted on a VPS server and you will not share files or configuration with other users

Along with Apache and PHP application your server will have all needed PHP modules and MySQL database installed and ready to be used

Our experienced engineers will help you with everything that you might need during the setup

Why host PHP with us?

  • Because you are on the VPS server, all PHP modules are installable easily
  • Full access to the server and it's configurations
  • Experienced engineers to help you any time you need advise
  • Fantastic support 24/7
  • Low price of the VPS service

Starter VPS package

RAM 1024 MB
Disk space 10 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB
IPs 1 dedicated
$19.95 USD/month
(20% discount on yearly payments)

How do you get started?

  • Make an order for Starter VPS package
  • After ordering, you will contact us and explain that you want free setup or transfer of your site
  • We will contact you back and finish everything for you within a few hours

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Contact usIf you need an engineer to contact you and discuss your requirements, please request a phone call.
We will support your business with the server part, both hardware and software, allowing you more time to work on improving and expanding your business.

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