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Ruby on Rails VPS Hosting

You are a RoR programmer. You want to design a perfect Rails driven website. You hire Oxxus to host your Rails app. Why?

RubyOnRailsBecause Oxxus engineers are hosting Ruby on Rails and Java websites for more then 8 years! We are experts in scaling your application and tunning the best possible performance on our powerful VPS solutions. Wether you want to deploy your Rails with Apache and mod_rails, or JRuby on Rails, Passenger or a custom cluster, we will do the FREE setup and asist you with your application deployment.

Reasons why choose Oxxus Rails specialized hosting ?

  • We care for our customers, and we want your Rails app to work as good as on your local enivornment
  • Scaling your application to VPS needs experience, and that's what we do the best
  • Our network is 100% redundant and your bandwidth has priority under other internet users
  • You have fantastic 24/7 customer support and care
  • Great VPS prices and latest quality hardware
  • 3000 great businesses trust us their complex web applications. See why!

Starter VPS package for your Ruby app

Disk space 10 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB
IPs 1 dedicated
$19.95 USD/month
(20% discount on yearly payments)

How do you get started?

  • Make an order for Starter VPS package
  • Via order form, on our a la carte page, you may select Ruby on Rails setup
  • We will contact you back and finish everything for you within a few hours

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We will support your business with the server part, both hardware and software, allowing you more time to work on improving and expanding your business.

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