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FTP tutorial

FTP, the term derived from File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files between computers on a network.

The FTP is used to exchange files between computer accounts, to transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or to access software existing on the Internet.

The FTP services are offered through various softwares from plain command prompt to complex dedicated software.

The ftp protocol within every web browser that nowadays exists.

It's only required the ftp server domain name or ip address and it can be stated within the url place at the web browser but instead of http:// at the beginning of the url the ftp:// should be stated along with the domain name or ip address.

This directive tells to the browser that the destination is a ftp server and it should be accessed through the ftp protocol rather then through the http one.

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Command prompt related FTP services

Every operation system has the ability for accessing remote ftp sites through the ftp protocol from within the shell (dos) prompt.

The syntax is plain and self explained like:

Windows OS (and other DOS related Operating Systems)

C:\>ftp test.com

Unix/Linux OS

$ ftp test.com

As shown above the syntax is the same, just the environment differs.

Although the shell or prompt ftp related commands are effective the ftp dedicated softwares are used nowadays with comprehensive and easy to use graphical user interfaces which look like the File Commanders, which ftp clients basically are with one difference that the connection is available to the remote system as well besides local file browsing and file manipulation.

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