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Java Servlet Hosting Services

Step into the new age of Java hosting
to experience the true web-friendly J2EE Platform

Plug & Play Java-Servlet hosting plans are ideal for running hosting your servlets and any other Java based apps. Servlet hosting is supported on all Java hosting plans.

Oxxus.net is already a host of choice for 1,500 Java Devopers!

Why do so many developers use Oxxus' Plug & Play hosting platform?

  • Key in the hand. When you get your account, all technologies are already installed. No fiddling around with the setup, installing packets and tweeking the system files. Just upload your Servlets, configure them and deploy!
    See Guide to setting up Servlets on our system
  • Feature packed with tools you wouldn't expect to see in Java hosting offers (blogs, forums, galleries, shopping carts, control panel)
  • Above all, it puts YOU in control of your environment.
  • 24x7 support of a specialist Java team
  • It's affordable and unarguably the best VALUE Java Servlet hosting plan on the market today.

3 steps to choosing the best plan to meet your Servlet hosting needs:

STEP1: Use this table to choose your Tomcat and j2sdk package

See full list of all supported technologies and account features »

STEP2: Use this table to choose your service plan

  Developer Plan Advanced Plan
Disk Space 5 GB 10 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB/month 100 GB/month
MySQL Database unlimited unlimited
PostgreSQL Database unlimited unlimited
SSH Access,
Remote db access

STEP3: Order your account and within 4hours you'll get a key in the hand

All technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Perl will be pre installed on your account. Just upload your servlets, configure them and wola!

  • No limit to the number of Servlets or apps you can deploy on your account.
  • Java compiler (javac) included to allow you to compile Servlets directly on the server
  • Get the FREE IP for a month to test your Servlets before you fully transfer your website across.

Host of choice for 1,500+ Java developers!

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