Extended Validation Certificates

Websites secured with an EV certificate display a green address bar to demonstrate to customers they have reached a highly authenticated site when viewed with high security browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 displays the green address bar and future releases of Firefox and Opera will also support this new feature. In addition to the green address bar, an adjoining field displays both the names of the organization that owns the Website and the CA that issued the certificate. These enhanced interface features are immediately visible and help assure customers they are on their intended Website and not on a fraudulent site.

Read the White Paper on Increased Sales for EV certificate owners

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  • Extended Validation TrueBusiness ID.
  • Free installation included.

Price per year: $174 USD

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Other brands we deal with include: VeriSign Secure Site with EV, VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV, and SSL Web Server with EV.
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