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Resin hosting

Resin is a powerful JavaEE 6 web server and Java application server. It's capable of easy clustering and providing of load balancing and failover services which has been tested on our platform and used by some customers. Currently we are providing full support for Resin OpenGPL version with installation and basic configuration covered FREE. All versions of Resin are available for installation including the latest. For Resin we recommend Developer VPS and above packages. We encourage you however to contact us, tell us about your project and we will give you estimated proper solution and introduce you to the steps that need to be taken to provide you with proper service you expect.

Developer VPS package

RAM 1.7 GB
Disk space 20 GB
Bandwidth 250 GB
IPs 1 dedicated
$36.95 USD/month
(20% discount on yearly payments)

How to get Resin hosting online?

  • Order Developer VPS or above from our order page
  • You will receive an activation email in maximum 4 hours with credentials for your VPS server. Submit a ticket with a request to install Resin.
  • Support team will install Resin for you and configure it by our specification and Resin will be ready for you in a few hours

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We are working hard to maintain the documentation for all our services. If you want to see the installation process on step-by-step bases, please visit our Wiki docs.

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