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Available phpNuke modules

PHPNuke preinstalled modules

news: Is a central module of the phpNuke and in previous versions the module was set as the default web page.

The News module branches on several pages. First one is a collection of the latest News published. The number of latest news to be displayed can be set at the configuration panel [admin->preferences]. In the main page only a small initial text of the news articles is published. If the text is too large, it will be possible to read it whole by pressing the link "Read more".

The article module has the title for the topic that is the main category and is usually characterized by an image that, if clicked, brings up a selection of the articles that belong to this topic.


AvantGO: A simplified version of the news archive, created mainly from the need to visit the page via a Palm Pilot. AvantGO is a system for archiving and visualizing the pages on palmtop screens due to the fact the Palm Pilot has a very small screen and has a low resolution (and even a low bandwidth connection) so they require simplified pages.

Downloads Module: This module is deeply branched and is used to manage a file archive. An internal search engine that searches for keywords among all the files cataloged.

It's possible to add external links to a file (these files will be put in a waiting list until an administrator will approve them and they become visible). A selection can be based on which files were downloaded most, or which ones obtained the highest score. On this page a list of categories that accompany the files can be added as well.

Once the desired section is entered the files can be download or cast a judgment vote, report a nonexistent link to the administrator or see more information regarding the author of the file.

The file list may be ordered by insertion date, judgment or popularity (files that has been downloaded frequently).

Feedback: Allows sending feedbacks and contacting the site's webmaster. The appropriate fields which are "Name", "E-Mail" and then the "Message Text" has to be filled. The system will send e-mail message to the webmaster.

Member List: It displays all the users registered on the site. Selection of the users can be on the basis of their basic information fields (name, nickname, personal homepage and e-mail address). A complete list of all the users and to order it by real name, e-mail address or homepage can be obtained.

Private messages: Only the registered users have access to an internal messaging system and are being able to exchange messages with each other. In the login box of each user the number of messages that are archived for this user will be displayed, and there is a management functionality allowing for replies or deletions.

Recommend Us: This module allows sending an e-mail to a friend recommending visiting PHP-Nuke site.

Book Reviews: This module serves as an archive of product/services/site reviews. The book review must be inserted by the administrator but also from a user in which case a book has to be accepted by the administrator. A descriptive image can be also assigned.

The book reviews are cataloged in alphabetical order and the selection can be made based on starting letter.

Search: Is the main search engine for PHP-Nuke. It searches all articles, comments, sections, users and book reviews. A multiple searches (e.g.. an article of a certain category written by a certain author) can be applied.


Sections: This module is a classification system parallel to the one of the topics. The classification of articles in PHP-Nuke does not follow a tree-like scheme.

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