Java Hosting

9+ years hosting java...

  • 3500+ developers hosted
  • Enterprise hardware
  • Ultra-fast network speeds
  • Java web technology experts
  • Competative prices
  • Load balancing / HA

Java on VPS Servers

VPS servers are the most popular solution for java app hosting

Our Java host solutions are designed for:

  • Control & Flexibility
    VPS root access = you have full control to modify your server config
  • Quick Setup
    RPM Packages = you can setup the technologies you need in less than 30 seconds and get on with deployment
  • Independence
    VPS Control Panel = control panel to reboot, monitor, troubleshoot your apps & server - smart phone app is in development
  • Performance
    Latest top-of-the-line performance hardware specially picked to satisfy the unique resource needs of java apps
  • Experienced engineers
    9+ years in the field of java hosting, our techs have the java + sys admin expertise to help you resolve your issues quickly and effectively

We don't waste our energy with other stuff, everything at Oxxus is geared towards Java!

Over the past 9 years hosting java we have come across almost every problem immaginable. That's why you can count on our tech support team to quickly help you resolve all issues.
There is simply no substitute for experience.

Java Clustering

For Customers that require high-availability and load balanced solutions, we can deliver the totally scalable solution for any java application server. Our engineers work with you to estimate and suggest the best failover/LB configuration based on your application' performance and needs.

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Managed Dedicated Servers

Oxxus also provides fully managed dedicated server solutions for your Java apps. Server administration is handled by our techs leaving you to completely focus on deploying your apps. Select from US or UK datacenter. All our dedicated server configurations are especially chosen based on our experience with hosting java applications. If you're transfering from another dedicated hosting talk to us about getting our admins to transfer your entire application over, gratis.

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