Jetty Hosting

Jetty Jetty v6.1 or v7 packed in RPM or DEB package with one-line installation. Get your application easily working on our VPS environment within minutes.

Jetty is tested and fully working starting from the Developer's VPS package.

Databases available: MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle 10g

Java features JSP, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB3, JSF, Eclipse
Logging Default Tomcat logging factory/log4j or your own application logging module. All logs are available for realtime viewing or download.
Deployment/Compiling Easily deploy multiply WAR files simply by upload/tomcat restart. Javac is available for compiling sources on the server and debugging.

How do you get your Jetty web application running?

  • Order VPS hosting with your OS distro choice and shortly you will receive an activation email with your dedicated IP and root password
  • Install Jboss (one-line), i.e. yum–y install eroute-jetty6 on CentOS or Fedora
  • Jetty is running on port 8080 by default, so you will have to start Apache webserver and Jboss together: service httpd start ; service jetty6 start and you are up and running with jetty console available on
  • If you need a database, MySQL is ready to be filled with your tables/data via console or via phpMyAdmin web interface
  • You can easily configure virtualhosts for jetty in case of multiple domains and the mail server is installed and ready if you need to relay e-mails through your application
  • Any additional services can be installed and running on your VPS server provided they fit your available RAM memory on the package
  • VPS comes with a full monitoring service of your application and the server, SMS notification and e-mail notification, as well as a failover option to ensure your applications have the greatest possible uptime. All this is done via our VPS management web interface
  • Support is available 24/7 and provides you with the knowledge and assistance you require

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