Jakarta Tomcat server overview

The Jakarta Tomcat server is an open source, Java-based Web application container that was created to run servlet and JavaServer Page Web applications.

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It exists under the Apache-Jakarta subproject, where it is supported and enhanced by a group of volunteers from the open source Java community.

The Tomcat server has become the reference implementation for both the servlet and JSP specifications.

It is very stable and has all of the features of a commercial Web application container.

Tomcat also provides additional functionality that makes it a great choice for developing a complete Web application solution.

Some of the additional features provided by Tomcat other than being open source and freeinclude the Tomcat Manager application, specialized realm implementations, and Tomcat valves.

The Tomcat Manager Web Application

The Tomcat Manager Web application is packaged with the Tomcat server. It is installed in the context path of /manager and provides the basic functionality to manage Web applications running in the Tomcat server.

Some of the provided functionality includes the ability to install, start, stop, restart, remove, and report on Web applications.

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