Free VPS FTP backup

We take great care in maintaining the integrity of your data. That is why we've prepared for all the possible disaster scenarios to ensure your files safety.

Incremental backups of the nodes

All VPS servers are backed up incrementally on a 7 day bases. We do this by sending all changed files to our backup servers in order to have an accurate image of your VPS so that in the case of a disaster we would be able to safely restore all your VPS files. Backups are done via secure encrypted connection through our private network. They are safely stored on a separate servers on different floor.

FTP backup account

Addition to the automatic VPS backup process (free), we also offer a free 5 GB account for you to backup your data on a server located in the different data center.

This service will be accessible via your VPS control panel and you can write a script that will upload your files or sql database dumps directly to the FTP account. The account can be accessed from anywhere, so you can download files to your computer or upload files from your computer and store them on the backup server.

RAID controllers installed on all hardware nodes

All servers have RAID 1+0 with 4 hard drives and hot-swap ability. That means if one hard drive fails we would immediately replace it and silently rebuild the array without any downtime.

RAID will (on hardware level) copy all the data from one pair of disks to another, ensuring you don't loose any data due to hard disk failures.

We are doing 24/7 monitoring of all hard drives health.

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